You can now buy custom t-shirts on Amazon

So the rise of print on demand product has been sky-rocketing!

It started with t-shirts and then it expanded to hoodies, hats, and then to more unusual products like pillows, shower curtains, yoga pants and now even to Nike shoes!

One of the biggest platforms for custom t-shirts had been Teespring.  Many other competitors were around too such as Gearbubble, Spreadshirt and Zazzle.

However, now it seems like custom designed t-shirts are really hitting mass market as you can now also buy them on Amazon Merch.

Amazon jumped on the trend after noticing how popular these are getting and how they are growing and will be huge in the future.

Amazon wouldn’t waste their time if they didn’t see the potential, so this whole industry is growing fast! For now you can only get t-shirts on Amazon, but I’m sure they will soon expand onto more products like hoodies, mugs and more!

So now you can get custom made t-shirts from Amazon and get your favorite designs from a trusted marketplace!