Couple wearing matching outfits for 37 years while married!

So this has been a story which went viral a few weeks ago!

So every now and then there are celebrities who wear matching outfits in the spotlights! And it’s very cute and it usually attracts some attention!

However, nobody took things as far as this couple! This Asian couple wore matching outfits EVERY single day for 37 YEARS!

They managed to gain themselves a following too! They have an Instagram and they now have 458,000 followers! They name on Instagram is bonpon511 and you can find them here:

And they deserve this too because they are posting many adorable and eye-catching photos! They seem to have a good eye for fashion too! They are currently in their sixties and have been married since their twenties!

What’s even sweeter than that is that they Instagram name, bonpon511, is a combination of their names plus the date of their wedding anniversary!

Whether they’re wearing tartan, matching pleated skirts and jumpers or cute little black brogues, the couple’s predominant colour themes are red, blue, grey and black.

They appear to favor labels like UNIQLO and Comme Des Garcons.

If this inspired you and your romantic partner to start wearing matching outfits and clothing, you should check out this website:

They have only started their website this month but they are adding many matching outfits, t-shirts, hoodies, hats and stuff like that for couples!