T shirt of the day 13th of May

My pick for this week is this one:   If you never tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then you should definitely try it! Here is the deal with jiu jitsu though. Initially when you see it, it may not look like the coolest sport ever, but this is one of the most effective martial arts ever! […]

T-shirt of the day 12th May 2017

free hugs wrestling t shirt

So while I like the gym and weightlifting, I don’t like the idea of building strength or looking strong, but that strength not being used in normal human movement! Like Ido Portal says, many people nowadays got it backwards, because they go to the gym doing monotonous movements to build a body which looks like […]

Shirt of the day 7th of May 2017

With custom designs on the rise along with the print on demand industry, there has been one design type which has sold a lot of t-shirts! And that’s the heartbeat design! If you love olympic weightlifting, then this is perfect t-shirt for you! If you want one, then you can get one on Amazon: Olympic […]

You can now buy custom t-shirts on Amazon

So the rise of print on demand product has been sky-rocketing! It started with t-shirts and then it expanded to hoodies, hats, and then to more unusual products like pillows, shower curtains, yoga pants and now even to Nike shoes! One of the biggest platforms for custom t-shirts had been Teespring.  Many other competitors were around […]